Today’s rain has inspired me to give parents and childcare givers ideas on what to do with children when it is pouring with rain outside.

All the ideas on activities are based on what I have done with the children in my charge.

1. Imaginary Play

This one always works well and has been a winner with all my charges. Not only do they have lots of fun when you’re on an adventure – you  do too. I have pretended to be a Roman soldier on a chariot (I used chairs for this one) with my Roman soldiers next to me. Children love the classics such as playing Doctors, Shop Keepers, Teachers or Mummy’s and Daddy’s.

2. Exercise Circuit

We all know that children need to let off steam during the day. Well, why not try and put an exercise circuit together.

All you need to do is draw a few stick men diagrams on a piece of paper showing your children  certain exercises.

You could draw a stick man skipping on the spot, doing lunges, dancing on the spot, a few yoga postures, star jumps, shadow boxing…

Once that is done place the cards around the room, keeping safety in mind. Play some music and off they go. It helps if you take part also.

3. Cooking

Everyone’s favourite. You don’t need to cook/bake anything extravagant as long as you have fun. I have found that making pizza, cupcakes and biscuits are the easiest to make and most fun to have.

4. Playdough

Always a hit, whether you make it with the children or if you have some in your cupboard. When making playdough I sometimes add lemon extract or lavender essential oil for an extra zing. Use straws, scissors, cookie cutters anything you can find in the kitchen that you think your child could use to create something wonderful.

5. Indoor Picnic Or Tea Party

Rainy days are always great days to have an indoor picnic. Get your child/children to help out by preparing food that they would like to have on their picnic. Go that extra mile and make fun shaped sandwiches with cookie cutters.

Tea Parties are a good idea when  it is snack time. Fill the teapot with water or juice and place your cupcakes or cookies that you made that day on plates. Oh, don’t forget your child’s favourite teddy or doll. Have Fun!

6. Shaving Cream Play

I use shaving cream as I think it’s less messy than Goop (cornflour,water and food colouring) and it is an item that is always around.

Spray some shaving cream on the table and watch your child/children have fun. Show your child what to do by writing your name, drawing pictures of your children or yourself, animals, cars, trains, letters…

You can keep your child’s drawing by placing a coloured piece of paper over their picture and gently with your hand smooth over the paper, then slowly lift the paper up. You should have a wonderful pattern on the piece of coloured paper.

7. Tracing Around Your Child’s Body

This one always goes down well. This exercise can take up time too. Once you have traced your child’s body on to a piece of paper they then can decorate their body by painting, colouring and gluing different material on to it. For example, wool can be used for hair and eyebrows.

8. Board Games, Puzzles & Construction Toys

Your child loves nothing better than having your attention, so why not have fun playing the board games you have or doing a few favourite puzzles, or even making things out of Lego.

9. Hide-n-Seek

This is still a favourite of many of my charges. You don’t need any equipment to play, so it’s perfect anytime.

10. Cosy Reading Nook

Why not make a ‘reading nook’ with your children for the day, with bean bags or cushions. I always display a few choice books on a coffee table for the children to choose from.

More Ideas?

I hope these ideas help, they all have been tried and tested and are the favourite of many of my charges new and old.

If you are want more ideas for activities please also see my Kindle book called 21 Fun, Rainy Day Activities For Kids. Or you can contact me as I have loads of ideas built up from many a rainy day.

Got a rainy day activity you would like to share? Just add a comment below.


Jenny · April 27, 2011 at 2:23 am

I agree Nanny Nelson all these games are wonderful and my girls love them. Great for wet winter days during the school holidays. Thank you

Mable · February 9, 2013 at 6:30 pm

This is the third blog post of yours that I’ve read through. However, I like this one the most.

All the best, Mable

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