I know how difficult it can be  coming up with ideas for children’s lunch boxes. Here are a few lunch ideas that I have used over the years with my charges.

My goal was to make their lunch at home or in their lunch box, nutritious, fun, colourful, simple and varied.

1. Soup

Why not try, chicken soup (always a favourite), lentil soup or even a vegetable and beef stew. Soup is always a brilliant idea for those winter months. I used a flask for soups and stews when sending lunch with a child to school

2. Pasta Salad

How about tuna pasta salad. Pasta is quick and easy to prepare and children love it.

3. Fruit

I always prepare fruit for lunch, well with every meal. Fruit sticks are an all time favourite. You can make smaller ones to fit into lunch boxes.

4. Wraps

Yum! Where do I start, you can use any filling your child likes, chicken, avocado, lettuce, cheese.

5. Couscous Salad

Couscous is very quick and simple to prepare. I would make the couscous adding either chicken, dried fruit, chickpeas and vegetables. Why not even try quinoa, it takes longer to cook but is delicious and very nutritious.

6. Yoghurt

Always a good one to add to your child’s lunch box.

7. Pizza

Simple and fun to make with your children.

8. Shaped Sandwiches

My charges loved when I gave them different shaped sandwiches. Use any cookie cutter that you can find in the kitchen. Jazz up sandwiches by using different fillings. I use peanut butter with banana, hummus with grated carrot.


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