As a parent do you need help with interviewing a  nanny or babysitter? Don’t know the questions to ask?

I have come up with a few ideas to help you have a sucessful interview with a childcare giver.

1. Always have your children around so you can see how the child carer interacts with your child/children.

2. Ask scenario questions, for example,

a) What steps would you take when crossing a busy road with my children?

b) How would you deal with a choking child?

c) How do you keep children occupied during the day?

3. Always follow up references, don’t just rely on the agency doing so.

4. Check that the childcare giver has an up to date First-Aid certificate and Police Check.

5. I would check if the childcare giver regularly part takes in childcare courses to update his/hers skills.

I hope these ideas help you find your potential nanny/babysitter.  Good-Luck.


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