Have you ever thought of having an extra pair of hands on holiday so as you can enjoy the simple pleasures of being away from home?

Do you need that extra help whilst on a business trip or do you simply need someone who can help with the chaos that flying to your destination brings?

Well, look no further. I now provide a travelling nanny service.

I know that travelling can be stressful and chaotic. Those simple delights of late evening meals and occasions where you can have a lie in can be few and far between even on holiday.

My job is to keep your stress levels down and my priority is to keep your children safe, entertained and happy in my care.

I have 22 years experience as a nanny, working in the U.K. and here in New Zealand. I have been fortunate enough to travel the world with my families on their holiday providing my services as a nanny. I have an easy going attitude, and a love of nature and travelling. I am flexible, resourceful and I love my job. All these attributes I think lead to the ideal nanny to take with you on holidays, business trips or just on the flight to your destination.

Please contact me with a rough idea of your requirements, and I’ll look forward to discussing in more detail with you how I can help with your specific travelling needs.


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