The holidays are upon us once again. Are you lost for things to do with your children at home? Are you on a budget?

Here are a few fun ideas that can be done at home without spending a fortune. In fact you should have all that is needed already in your home.

Letter Writing – How about writing a letter to relatives or friends.

Wash The Car – Not only is it a good way for children to earn some pocket money, it really can be lots of fun. Warning, just don’t expect your car to end up sparkly clean.

Den Making – Whether your making a den inside or out, it’s heaps of fun.

Garden Obstacle Course – Here’s a chance to collect all your outdoor equipment and turn it into a fun obstacle course for your children.

Handkerchief Tug – Find a rope and tie the ends together. Get three children to hold the rope tightly with one hand at equal distance apart. Place 3 hanky’s also at equal distance from each child. When you say “Go” watch your children pull as hard as they can so as they can win the game by picking up their hanky.

Baking – Always a winner, cupcakes and cookies are often the favourites.

Outdoor Games – Treasure Hunt, Hide-n-Seek, Hand Ball, Tag, Blind Mans Bluff, What’s The Time Mr Wolf? Elastics.

Messy Play – This can include playing in mud and wet sand. You can contain the mess if you wish by placing the mud or sand in smaller containers.

I hope I have given you just a few fun ideas of what you can do with your children during the holidays. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Have fun.

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