Children need regular healthy snacks to keep their blood sugar levels even and their energy up.

Snacks should be nourishing for your child. Ideally choose fresh and whole foods every time and combine protein with carbohydrate for good blood sugar balance.

Here are a list of 9 healthy snacks that I have prepared and used everyday for my charges.

1. Fresh fruit

Try and choose fruit that is in season as they are cheaper, healthier and buying in season is better for the environment.

2. Vegetables

  • Carrot sticks
  • Cucumber sticks
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Peppers- red, green and yellow
  • Sugar snaps

3. Oat Cakes

You can buy oat cakes from your local supermarket, they are usually stocked with crackers and biscuits.

4. Popcorn

Try making popcorn from scratch and adding your own flavours. I add cinnamon to mine plus popping popcorn with children is fun.

5. Hummus or bean dip

Very quick and easy to make. Be careful of the ones you buy at the supermarket as they have a high salt content.

6. Nuts

I found when starting my charges on nuts that they preferred cashews compared to other types of nuts.

7. Seeds

Mmm, my charges loved eating different seeds especially pumpkin and sunflower seeds. I also planned activities around making things with seedsĀ  like planting sunflowers in the garden, making different types of bird feeders. The children loved the idea that birds also ate seeds.

8. Dried fruit

When buying apricots buy the ones with out sulphates. They are a bit more expensive but boy do they taste much better and are much healthier.

9. Cheese

When I use cheese as a snack I always cut cheddar into finger size pieces, as my charges got older I would cut the cheese into cubes.

Here are some combo ideas that you might like to use:

  • Hummus and oat cakes
  • Apple and cashews
  • Pear and seeds


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