May 6, is when the people of Alachua County recognize the hard work that their  childcare providers, teachers and educators who care for the children in their community provide.

You will find that in any community parents rely on their childrens, child care givers, teachers and educators. By having a special day in the year, it gives the opportunity for parents to recognize and acknowledge the hard work, dedication and love that their community childcare providers give all year round.

Dr. Gordon Tremaine, Executive Director of the ELCAC says,

Child care practitioners are often taken for granted or simply overlooked for the essential work that they do,” Yet, given that 90 percent of brain development happens in the first five years of life, these dedicated professionals have a staggering impact on the children of Alachua County. Provider Appreciation Day is just one small moment to affirm the importance of what they do, and to thank them for doing it so faithfully

What do you think, should New Zealand have a special day each year to recognize the hard work, dedication and love that childcare providers give?

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