The primary role of a nanny is of course to care for your children. Responsibilities will vary between households but the basic duties usually remain the same.

The important thing is to discuss the expected duties openly in advance and agree what these should be. All potential nannies will expect this discussion so please don’t feel uncomfortable about it. It may help to make a list of your requirements before interviewing nannies.

You can expect a nanny to prepare meals for your children, to dress them, do laundry for the children, keep their areas tidy, and transport them to and from nurseries, schools or other outings.

But you will probably want a little more from your nanny.

A good nanny should also plan and arrange projects for mental stimulation such as arts and crafts, as well as other activities to help with your childrens developmental needs.

Food is very important in early development, so a nanny should plan and provide nutritious meals and snacks, and be aware of any health issues. They should provide firm but loving discipline – always working with you and keeping lines of communication open.

You will of course want to stay informed about your childrens day. This can easily be achieved through a daily diary or verbally with you at the end of the day.

It is important to check a nanny is keeping her skills up to date, so always ensure a nanny has a current First Aid certificate.

A nannies duties do not however normally include general household duties for the rest of the family. A good nanny is very unlikely to have any spare time in the day.

Her primary focus will and should always be providing the best nurturing care for your children during the time you are not with them.


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