Having worked in a big city as a nanny I know what it’s like having to move my car every two hours with young children in tow and driving around the block for 30 minutes hoping to find a parking space, so when I heard of this scheme I thought it was brilliant.

The nanny parking proposal would allow one special nanny parking placard if a family provides a birth certificate for their child and signs an affidavit swearing it is for the nanny, KGO says.

KGO-TV quotes one nanny as saying she has to leave a 10-month-old child and his 2-year-old sister for as long as 15 minutes at a time during the parking-place shuffle every 120 minutes.

San Francisco Municipal Transport Board will be going to vote this week on whether to issue special parking permits for Nannys .

I for one support nanny permits, what do you think?

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