The role of a nanny is to care for and nurture your children in your own home, in very much the same way a parent would. A baby sitter however provides short term temporary care, usually in the evenings, and often while chidren are sleeping.

There are 3 main types of nanny, and you will probably already have decided which of these you will need:-

  • Live In Nanny
  • Sole Charge
  • Mothers Help

As the name suggest a ‘Live In Nanny’ lives with your family, working five days with the odd night of babysitting.  A ‘Mothers Help’ works alongside a mother as her extra pair of hands. Whilst a ‘Sole Charge’ nanny works in place of the parent while they are away at work for example.

Hours, days, holidays and any babysitting duties are discussed and agreed in advance, so each job differs. Typically a nanny assignment is for 5 days a week.

Baby sitters however provide temporary care for your children, usually in the evening when the parents are out.  A babysitters duty may simply be to care for your children whilst they are asleep. Or the babysitter may be required to prepare an evening meal, bath the children, entertain them in the evening and put them to sleep. The level of duties will likely vary with childcare experience.

Parents with a nanny may use them for babysitting duties, or use other childcare professionals which they may already know or have hired from a babysitting company. It is also quite common to use the teenager next door, but please be wary of minimum legal age limits to be able to babysit.


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